Iosco County Court System


Iosco County falls under the jurisdiction of the 81st District Court and the 23rd Judicial Circuit Court.

District Court handles most traffic violations, all civil cases with claims up to $25,000, landlord-tenant matters, most traffic tickets, and all misdemeanor criminal cases (generally, cases where the accused, if found guilty, cannot be sentenced to more than one year in jail). In addition, small claims cases are heard by a division of the District Court.

Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all civil cases involving more than $25,000 and all criminal cases where the offense is a felony or serious misdemeanor. In addition, the Circuit Court hears cases appealed from another trial court or from an administrative agency.

The Family Division of Circuit Court handles all divorce, paternity, family support, juvenile delinquency, child abuse and neglect, personal protection, emancipation, name changes, safe delivery of newborn, adoption, and parental waiver cases.

The Friend of the Court (FOC) office is a part of the Family Division of the Circuit Court, and there is at least one FOC office for each Circuit Court in Michigan. Generally, the Friend of the Court's involvement in cases is limited to the areas of child custody, parenting time, and support (including health care coverage for children and spousal support).

The Probate Court handles proceedings concerning estates, trusts, guardians, conservators, and protective orders. It also orders treatment and care for mentally ill and developmentally disabled persons.


District Court Circuit Court Friend of the Court  

General Court Hours
Monday thru Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed 

District Court: (989) 362-4441
Circuit Court: (989) 362-3485
Probate Court: (989) 984-1037
Juvenile/Family Court: (989) 362-3991
Friend of the Court: (989) 362-2573

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